Quail Hill Stucco Install

Step 1 – Remove the Old Vinyl Siding

If you are installing siding on an existing home, the old siding must be removed and disposed of. The site must also be prepped and primed. This can add at least another day to your schedule.

Step 2 – Foam and wire mesh install

When installing stucco, it needs a surface to adhere to. After a house has received its weather wrapping, a wire mesh is often installed over it. This wire mesh gives the base coat something to grab onto. This coat is called the “scratch coat” because it’s scratched with shallow grooves, all going in the same direction.


Months of Work

November 2018

Construction Date


Surface Area



Final unpainted stucco

The second coat, called the “leveling coat”, adheres to the scratches. This coat levels the surface and defines the shape of the surface. The third coat is the finishing coat and is where the surface receives its texturing. Stucco can be smooth or heavily textured.

Post Painting

Stucco is naturally tan or grey, but it can be painted or colored in the mix. If you paint it, wait about six weeks to allow the bare stucco time to dry and set before painting. Because it normally has a rough texture, spraying is better than rolling and is often faster.